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30 November 2008 @ 01:42 pm

Lately there has been a ton of questions regarding layouts, so I thought I'd answer them all here including other things, because sometimes I forget to reply, and realize that two months later.

» Can I/we affiliate with you?
Sure! Our affiliates post is here

» How do I give credit?
Just a "Layout by komorebii"/"Icon by komorebii" is just perfect!

» It seems that the community is closed to new members?
Yup, you can only add the community to 'watch'.

So it's okay to take the code and change it to have the colors/header we want, right? As long as we credit you?
That is fine!

» Do you know how I can make my header stop repeating?
The problem is usually that the image you're using as a header is too small. Either you made it too small, or your image host reduced the size.

» How do I change the font, background color, and the dotted lines black?
That is HTML coding, and you have to know the basics, HEX codes, what is what and where to change the code for it to be visible. Explaining this is too complicated, so I rather suggest that you might look for some HTML tutorials online, HTML is not complicated.

» I would like to know how I can remove the livejournal-bar of my journal.
Go here and under "NAVIGATION BAR", uncheck the two boxes(Always show on my journal/community and Always show on any journal or community I view) and save.

» Is it possible to request a layout?
Kind of. You can give me some images, and if I like them, I'll make a layout of out them. You can post the images here. PS! They need to be high quality images, and big ones.

» Can I request for an unique layout for only me to use?
Well, the problem is time. A year ago I'd love to, however, these days I hardly have time to even update Komorebii, so usually my answer would be no, sorry.

» There's a gap between the banner and the body of the journal. Do you know how to get rid of that
Your imagehost probably reduced the size or the image, which causes the gap.

» Where is the header image from? Can I have it?
Sure! Just ask on the post.

» However, do you have one without the words [INSERT TEXT HERE THAT WAS ON THE LAYOUT]?
I can always upload one without text for you, IF I saved the PSD file.

» Can I change the header but keep the rest of the code?
Sure, as long as you still credit back.

» Can I edit the header/add more text?
Ask me personally first, please ♥

» Where is the icon image from? Can I have it?
Sure! Just ask on the post, and say which one it is

» [Concerning Siiy]Can you make icons with fanart?
A lot of people make icons from fanart without giving credit, I'm not one of them, and even if I know the site from the japanese person who made it, I still do not make icons of her/his art with or without her/his permission, I only stick to official art.

Got any other questions? Please do ask here!